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The elements of The Earl E. Myers Story, contained in these website pages, have been accumulated through a series of communications between myself and Earl Myers. Earl was one of the first contributors to this web site and also one of the main catalysts for my choosing to expand the site contents beyond the experiences of my own RB-29 crew. Doing so has moved me into a wider network of contributors who are increasingly fostering stronger mutual friendships as we cross-communicate our own recollections, related experiences, and the relevant subsequent accumulated life experiences that now define us in these, our final years on this earth.

In soliciting autobiographical information from those who choose to share their stories, I have assumed that the typical story and illustrations for each individual would include from three to five web pages. In the case of Earl Myers, it has been my choice to make his story an exception to my rule. As he and I have collected and organized the events of his life, at this point, from childhood through his Korean War experiences, I have had a lot of good laughs, shed a few tears, relearned some lessons from life, and developed a great sense of appreciation for the way this man played his cards of life, from his earliest memories and on through a most adventurous collage of experiences. As I write this, I have the basic elements of the story of his life up to his return to the U.S. from Yokota, during the Korean War. I have a number of bits and pieces of his later life story. As time permits, I will strive to present them on this web site In the meantime, please take the time to read Earl’s story, as presented here. I feel sure that you will find it time well invested.

Chuck Stone, RB-29 Web Site Manager and Developer

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