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Grant Writing and Grant Getting

Self-Instruction Program and Work Sheet Packet

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Grant-Writing and Grant-Getting Slide Presentation

Includes an Introduction and sections relating to Planning and Documentation, The Project Proposal, Grant-Writing Research, Targeting Funding Sources, Preparing the Grant Proposal, The Project Plan, Grant/Gift-Seeking Priorities, and Grant/Gift Contact Sequence Assignment

Planning materials, including:

* A printable “Text Only” version of the above information

* Project Proposal Work Sheets

* Grant Writing/Grant Getting Work Sheets

* Project Proposal Summary Worksheet

* Project Plan Work Sheets

Accumulating funds to support worthy public service projects can be both challenging and rewarding. We offer this self-help study plan, with worksheets, to assist you in this process. We wish you joy, success, and satisfaction in your efforts.

Information and ideas advocated in this presentation are based upon research, writing and publication of a self-help guide entitled “CHARNELL’s Guide to Affordable Exhibits and Programs” and are published here, by the Little Falls Great River Arts Association with permission.

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