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In August 1996, the Minnesota Labor Interpretive Center (MLIC) commissioned an exhibit development firm to research and create an exhibit presenting the history, nature and impact of the work of Minnesotans throughout the ages. It was to be used at meetings and conventions to showcase the philosophy and program development of the MLIC.

Charles and Nellie Stone's company Charnell did the research, writing and illustration-selection for an 8-panel and a 10-panel exhibit entitled The World of Work. They investigated and chronicled work in Minnesota from prehistoric times to the high-tech times of today and on into the future to the limits of the imagination.

The spring of 1998 saw the translation of The World of Work into a Web site exhibit. The World of Work: History of Work in Minnesota was the result of this effort. By combining today's technology (the Internet) with stories from the past, the Web exhibit provides a unique glimpse into not only the changing nature of work but also the evolution of the technology that impacts work.

The exhibit is laid out as a scrapbook -- going back to the Stone Age and progressing to the late 20th century. It looks into many different subjects and trends and is illustrated throughout with photographs, drawings and etchings. The Gallery has most of those illustrations on display in larger versions for a more detailed viewing.

We hope you find The World of Work: History of Work in Minnesota useful and informative. We welcome your comments.

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