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F-16 Falcon, Mission Accomplished

A couple of Jolly Rogers F-14's over the high Sierras.....

"Boone" Gibson's group of new F-14A's on a ferry mission to join VF-21. That's Charro Canyon below in the distance...

A MiG-15 patrol encounters a storm front just south
of the Yalu River, early 1951....

In 1955 we were about two hours out of Thule, and Bud Hansen and I were flying F-86 escorts to Col. Ed McGuire's B-36. McGuire asked one of us to come up and check the rear of his B-36 because the crew had heard a vibration they couldn't identify. As I fought his propwash to get a good look, that 8th Air Force emblem on the tail looked as big as a billboard....

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