The Philip Alexander
Air, Sea, Land &
Fantasy Art Exhibit


It gives me great pleasure to present to you a major art exhibit by Philip Alexander. Two of our regular web site visitors were thoughtful enough to bring his work to our attention recently. With his full cooperation, we have assembled hundreds of his incredibly fine art works which represents the largest single display of his work on planet Earth. Please permit me to introduce you to this most unique and talented gentleman.

Philip is a native Texan who began studying the oboe at age 13. While in high school, he was first oboist of the National Youth Symphony Orchestra at Interlochen, Michigan. He attended and graduated from Philadelphia's Curtis Institute of Music, studying under the first oboist of the Philadelphia Orchestra. He has been the first oboist of the Brazos Valley Symphony Orchestra (Texas) for 25 years. Guest performances have included recitals at the Morman Tabernacle in Salt Lake City and for President John Kennedy at the White House.

He later graduated from Houston's Baylor College of Medicine, specializing in Internal Medicine at Methodist Hospital in Houston, and has been in private practice in College Station, Texas, since 1974.

In the 80's and 90's he had several one-man shows of pencil drawings, and in the late 90's began drawing on the computer. These computer drawings have been done largely as a hobby, and to decorate his office and home. We have a picture of him performing with the orchestra and a selection of views taken in his office. If you want a quick look, click here, and you will have an easy return to this page.

His other interests include coin collecting (early U.S.), astronomy, weight training, music composition, and amateur radio operation (he holds the highest FCC license, the Amateur Extra Class License).

In my efforts to bring his work to you, via the Internet, I have been absolutely blown away by his multiple talents and ability to render his subject matter. His sense of perspective, attention to detail and knowledge of the specific history involved, combine in his creation of images that fire up and grab the viewers attention and imagination so that “you are there” as a participant.

While many of his works relate to aviation subject matter, he also covers a variety of other venues of the experiences that are woven through each of our lives, whatever our personal history may be. In an effort to categorize these works, I have chosen to break the total presentation into four categories: Air, Sea, Land and Fantasy. Because of the variety of backgrounds and interests of our viewers, I have made no attempt to embellish each piece of work with an inept and inadequate narrative. His works speak to each person in a way that depends upon their life experience and motivations.

Dr. Philip Alexander is visited by members of the USAF Thunderbirds Aerial Demonstration Team who have stopped by to pick up some of his drawings relating to the Thunderbirds in performance.

Each work will be titled in keeping with his computer file identification process. These title clues will provide an adequate launching pad for each viewer's interpretation of the subject.

As these images create a sense of curiosity relating to a particular subject, you are encouraged to initiate research to satisfy your own needs. Dr. Alexander has most generously offer his e-mail address to the viewers, if questions or comments seem appropriate. You may contact him at < > if you so choose.

Our sincere thanks to Dr. Phil for giving us such a remarkable new window on our world and evolving history.

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All artwork is (C) 1997-2008 Phillip Alexander, all Worldwide Rights Reserved