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Charles A. (Chuck) Stone


It has been brought to my attention that if I expect other recon veterans to contribute their biographical stories, I should be willing to do so, myself. Up to this point, my not having done so has been based upon two factors. 1) I have wanted to make this web site a platform of communication for the wider community of reconnaissance troops. 2) I did not want to give the impression that this web site was designed just to wave my own flag. The biography section of this evolving collection of personal reconnaissance recollections, experience and opinion, is still showing signs of growth. One of the main themes of Dick Newton’s presentation “VETERANS:REFLECTIONS
tells us that we have an obligation to do a better job of defining ourselves, rather than waiting for the creators of film, video and the printed media to do it for us. With these factors in mind, here is my own set of biographical notes to add to the collection.

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