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As we packed to depart Lubbock, we knew our stay in the San Antonio area was of limited duration. We put some of our stuff we thought we could live without in temporary storage and took the must-haves with us. A quick house-hunting expedition located us in the beautiful community of New Braunfels, just up the road from Randolph. Our rental house was part of a set of small homes, built by an industrious German family for rental to troops passing through for training. The couple soon became dear friends and, when I was off on a training mission or in class at the base, I felt my family was in good hands. All of our other neighbors were military folks and it didn't take long to develop a back yard barbecue and iced tea relationship with all of them.

Nell enjoys the gift of improving health for our son David in front of our new home in New Braunfels.

Sandie and David with a
new neighbor friend,
New Braunfels, Summer of 1953

Above: Our first RB-29 crew informal gathering at our home in New Braunfels.

Left: Chuck tends the barbecue as copilot Merle Hahn and our new landlord, offer advice.

The next elements of this story are already told in great detail in another section of this web site. They include the formation of my combat crew, transition ground and air training, the conversion from bombardment to reconnaissance training, survival training at Stead AFB, Nevada, our assignment to the 91st SRS in Japan, our crew work and mission history, our hiking experience in rural Japan, and our eventual return to the U.S.

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