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Robert H. (Bob) Weisburn


It is a great pleasure for me to offer the Bob Weisburn story for your review. Bob was the Photo Navigator on our RB-29 from the summer of 1953 to the summer of 1954. This man joined our crew, bringing many, many valuable gifts that he shared with his crew every day and every night that we were together. His consistently positive, can-do-now, attitude made the work better and easier for each one of us on the crew. His mixed experience as an enlisted man and officer made him a perfect interconnect with every crew member.

Bob Weisburn in the nose of our RB-29, sharing the gifts of his smile and encouragement as we move out on a classified reconnaissance mission.

Bob brought with him a great variety of experiences and skills that enabled him to be a constructive part of every activity that we were involved in, as a crew, on the ground and in the air. He contributed his gifts and his energy freely and with a sense of joy that was infectious to the entire crew and those who were assisting our crew to assure a safe, mission-ready aircraft. He was comfortable and helpful in, around and on top of the aircraft, regardless of the nature of a challenge or problem, assuring that all was in order.

L to R: Copilot, Merle Hahn; CFC Gunner, Dick Sniker, Photo Navigator, Bob Weisburn; A/C Chuck Stone

Preflight complete and waiting
for start up time.

Bob was and remains a natural teacher. In his own subtle way, he was constantly filling me in on the workings of our RB-29. His sincere interest in photography enhanced the performance of our crew and increased my own interest and knowledge of related subjects.

He very quickly sparked my interest in recreational photography and soon had me equipped with a Nikon camera and a home-built photo lab in our barracks. We invested many of our discretionary hours hiking the countryside with cameras in hand, followed by film developing and printing sessions in our quarters.

Bob Weisburn testing his survival equipment in the Yokota tank.

Bob Weisburn’s gifts of energy, good humor, loyalty, and friendship enhanced and helped preserve the lives of every member of our crew, and I am sure the same has been true wherever he has traveled before or since our shared experience. Here is his collection of biographical notes that he has chosen to share with you.

Chuck Stone, Web Site Editor and Bob's A/C

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