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Air - Part Two

Page 190 — The De Havilland Mosquito with Details 1 & 2
The Engalls Mosquito — Mosquito Landing — Lorient Raid

Page 191 — Mosquito Pals — Chinese Revenge
A7E Corsairs —
A7E's on Mountain Patrol

Page 192 — McCurdy's Camp — B-47 & Escort with Alpine View
Sea Shadow — Running Late

Page 193 — Bonanza Excursion — Arctic Blimp
A Long Way Home — Devil's Tower Tour

Page 194 — Flanker Attack — Flanker Detail
Chinook Over Texas — Chinook Detail
Eastern Airlines, Houston-Atlanta route, 1948

Page 195 — Class Reunion — Corsair Detail
Hawker Hunter on the Prowel — HH Detail 1 & 2

Page 196 — Lonely Vigil — MiG Alone
Flanker Attack — Flanker Detail 1 & 2

Page 197 — EA-6B Prowler — Prowler Detail
Rolling Thunder, Korean War — Rolling Thunder, Vietnam War
MiG-29 Fulcrum pulling some G's.....

Page 198 — Pitts Special — RF-4C Phantom — Fortress Raid
C-130 “Hercules” over western Colorado.....

Page 199 — Lightning Defending Her Flock
Soviet TU-16 Badger — Going to Work
F-16CJ, evening landing

Page 200 — Zeke Attack — Zeke Detail
Zeke Landing —
Zeke Takeoff

Page 201 — GeeBee — GeeBee Detail
B-58 “Hustler” 1 & 2

Page 202 — Pearl Harbor Bound — Pearl Harbor Detail
A day at the office, Viet Nam style....
A day at the office, with friends

Page 203 — F-15C — F-15C Detail — Yankee Niner SR-71B
Yankee Niner, Up Close — Yankee Niner, Detail

Page 204 — P-51D Full Flaps — FA-18G Growler & Pal
Maj. Charlie Neeley in his A-10 Warthog....
Grady Meyers' "Georgia Peach"
over Belgium, 1944....

Page 205 — F-16 — Flying Business Class — Chinook High
Soviet SU-27 Flankers

Page 206 — Tomcat Free and High — Phantom Free and High
Javelin High

Page 207 — B-47 Cloud Topper 1 & 2
Soviet Su-27 “Flankers” — Bob Ricca's "Detroit Express"

Page 208 — Air base at Ash Shuaybah, Iraq
The German Peenemunde Test Site
F-15E Strike Eagle landing..... + Details 1 & 2

Page 209 — Eastern Airlines DC-3 — Cat patrol
MiG-31 Firefox, banking right...... — Tornado Morning

Page 210 — Mission Bound — B-58 Hustler
The Dornier Do 335, with an Me-262....
Dornier Attack — Blue Angels High

Page 211 — Spitfire Pursuit — B-36 Mission
....turning back for home over our checkpoint at Thule Air Base, Greenland.....
Mustang Alone — ....the Saab J29 "Flying Barrel" on patrol......

Page 212 — F-4n On Line — F-85 Goblin — Homeward Bound
A part of Maj. Ted Crowe's Mosquito squadron, Spring 1944....
And 12 Seconds Later

Page 213 — “You Can't Escape From Dick Bong!”
Over the Rainbow in a B-47
Soviet Su-27 “Flanker” flying over the Moreau Valley......
Soviet Su-27 “Flanker” Detail

Page 214 — Mountain Rescue
German ME-262 on Patrol
"P-61's Bad Surprise"

Page 215 — Spitfire Valley — Air Canada
Beaver departing the Fjord — Beaver reflection detail

Page 216 — Starting a climbing right turn for a final look
Heading Home — Power up to beat the Storm

Page 217 — Admiral Ambush — Tomcat Valley
MiG-29A Fulcrum — Liberators, Through The Pass

Page 218 — The Swedish Viggen fighter — B-36 High
B-36 Detail 1 & 2

Page 219 — My Gal Sal — Scratch a 109
P-47 — P-47 Detail

Page 220 — British Swordfish — B-36 — B-36 Detail
Anglo-French Gazelle helicopter
Aerospatiale Gazelle helicopter in action

Page 221 — Ray Wiggins' group of Dauntlesses,
on low altitude patrol......
B-58 Hustler Bomb Run at Mach 2
Hustler, Headin' Home at Mach 2 - Versions 1 & 2

Page 222 — .....dangerous landing!! — Viking Patrol
P-40 On Final Approach — Patrol over the Pacific

Page 223 — Catalina Patrol
.....huntin' the bad guys in Afghanistan....
British Trio — Eastern Airlines 1947 — XB-70 Valkyrie

Page 224 To Hell and back.....
Coming down off the Moreau Glacier, Canada......
A-10 (Warthog) Patrol
On their way back to base.....

Page 225 — A-3 Patrol — Douglas D-558 Skystreak
Lost Liberator — Northrup Grumman C-2A Greyhound

Page 226 — The B-1B has made a small vortex in the clouds!
Mustang Guardian — Over North Korea - B-29 - Bombs Away
USN A-3 “Whale”

Page 227 — P-61 Black Widow — A couple of great Phantoms
Airbus 300 — Arizona Cub

Page 228 — Cloud-Surfing
Apache over the Devil's Backbone - Versions 1 and 2
Hawker Hunters over London's old Regency Hotel, 1956......

Page 229 — P-47 Wingmen
Hot air ballooning in the Rockies..... — Balloon Mountain Detail
Antarctica's Mt. Markham, near the Ross Ice Shelf......

Page 230 — The unsung heroes......
A couple of Me-109's on winter patrol, February 1944....
An E-2C Hawkeye heading back to base.....
Skimmin' the water at 300 knots.....

Page 231 — A Museum Quality Corsair
Memorial Day flight today
An F-14 AVF21 on display in Philip Alexander's
History of Flight museum.....
Medivac Chopper

Page 232 — Moonlit rescue mission — Looking for life
The Ki84 "Frank" Japanese fighter,
peeling off near Rabul, 1943.... — Ki84 Detail
A PBM Mariner on patrol, 1944, over the Pacific......

Page 233 — Phantom Afternoon
B-17G "Little Patches" — The Memphis Belle
The Memphis Belle flying high
A successful 25th mission deserves an escort
Alan Williamson and his wingman

Page 234Col. Steve Terrell in his F-16A
Col. Bud Carlsson (in his F-16C)

Page 235
Jolly Rogers of Fighter Squadron One Zero Three (VF-103)
Part of Ray Weaver's group of B-17G's — Racin' the sun home!
Return from Lakenheath — C-2A Greyhound

Page 236A flight of Gloster Meteor F-3's......
Tu-95 Bear on the Moscow-Havana route
Just before we broke off contact with the Bear....
Ira Kepford (#29) and his squadron, early 1944....
Corsair Detail — Time to spring the trap —
Ahead of the Storm

Page 237 — The Saga of Tommy Lane
T-33s flying out of Lowry AFB, ca. 1957
B-1B cleared on top — B-36 High
Wiley Post, in the Winnie Mae

Page 238 — Col. Charley Bankston's B-1B
Soviet Tu-16 Badger...
. — Soviet SU-27UB Flanker C
Flanker on Final Approach — Flanker Night Landing
RF-4 on Patrol

Page 239 — F-16 Falcon, Mission Accomplished
A couple of Jolly Rogers F-14's over the high Sierras.....
"Boone" Gibson's group of new F-14A's
A MiG-15 patrol encounters a storm front
Col. Ed McGuire's B-36

Page 240 — "Sabre Storm" with details 1 through 4

Page 241An A-10 Patrol — Schweinfurt Raid Return
Pete Martin's B-29 — Ladies and gentlemen - this is your captain.
Keepin' a close eye on his T-33 student....

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