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Richard J. (Dick) Sniker


It gives me great pleasure to be able to include the biographical notes from Dick Sniker on these pages of our RB-29 web site. Dick was truly one of the spark plugs that made it possible for our crew to become an effective and compatible working team, on the ground and in the air. In the event that you have not met our crew in your tours in and around our web world, we would like to introduce you to them here.

Dick Sniker’s RB-29 Crew
Yokota Air Base, Japan, 1953/54

Top, L to R:

Merle Hahn, MN, Pilot; Paul A. Jackson, LA, Radar Navigator;
Charles A. Stone, MN, A/C; Fred K. Brackbill, PA, Navigator;
Robert H. Weisburn, OH, Photo Navigator;
James B. Cliver, TX, Flight Engineer.

Bottom, L to R: Robert D. Barnhart, SD, Radio Operator;
Samuel E. Farley, KS, Tail Gunner; William M. Steiner, AL,
Camera Operator;
Richard J. Sniker, MN, Central Fire Control
Donald E. Kleinkauf, NE, Scanner-Gunner;
Ronald J. Glowcheski, WI, Scanner-Gunner.

Dick Sniker inspects his observation dome and topside gun systems during preflight check.

L to R: Pilot, Merle Hahn, CFC Gunner, Dick Sniker; Photo Navigator, Bob Weisburn; and Aircraft Commander, Chuck Stone share a few stories while waiting for engine start time.

My early impressions of Dick Sniker included the realization that here was a man with almost unlimited potential. He consistently lived up to my early impressions and he has continually proved it to be true through a lifetime of accomplishment. You can see for yourself as you review these biographical notes of his broader life experience.

Chuck Stone, Web Site Developer and Manager

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