A selection of related stories of
U.S. Naval Aviation In the South Pacific during WW II

Featuring the Lexington Aircraft Carrier
and her dedicated crew as key participants in

The Battle of the Marianas — June 1944

Supplement to Introduction re the book

Mission Beyond Darkness
and purchase instructions

In simple, unforgettable human detail, here is the story of a few hours in the lives of 64 brave young Americans, members of the carrier Lexington’s Air Group 16. No other book has so vividly described what it is like to be in one of those narrow lonely cockpits, winging out over the vast Pacific to strike at the Japanese, and back again through danger and darkness to that little sliver of home which is a carrier flight deck. This is a book with heroes but no heroics, a book which tells with deep honesty what these fliers felt and said, how their superb training and tough wills brought them through when they were confused and afraid and in despair and weary beyond mortal endurance.

The narrative covers part of the first Battle of the Philippines on June 19, 1944, when the United States Navy planes from Task Force 58 attacked a Japanese fleet. They sank one carrier and four tankers, probably sank another carrier, another tanker and a destroyer, and damaged several other ships. Our losses were 96 planes and 49 men.

This account, say the authors, “is derived wholly from narratives by the survivors, from statements by officers and men of the Lexington, and from the authors’ witness. No incident has been fabricated. No word or thought or action has been ascribed to anyone without his own authority.”

If you want to purchase the book:

The book "Mission Beyond Darkness" is now published as a 74 page paperback edition complete with twelve WWII Lex photos and two battle charts. It was published in it's entirety in 1995 and printed exactly as the original.

If any one would like to order they may do so in any one of the following ways:

Write USS Lexington Museum-PO Box 23076-Corpus Christi, TX. 78403

Phone 800-523-9539 extension 337
E-mail lexstore@usslexington.com

Credit cards are accepted. The price of $11.95 includes shipping. Texas residences included tax making it $12.76.

Information needed will be name, address, home phone and credit card information.

Thank you,

U.S.S. Lexington Museum
Corpus Christi, TX

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Supplement to Introduction re the book
Mission Beyond Darkness

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