Searching for
connections relating to
Chester Burleigh's service
with the 91st Strategic
Reconnaissance Wing
and 91st SRS

Attention: Members and friends of the 91st SRW Association
and 91st SRS veterans who served at Yokota Air Base Japan
during and soon-after the Korean War.

I have received fourteen photographic images relating to air and ground crews that were involved in the operation and servicing of RB-45 reconnaissance aircraft based at Yokota. The particular aircraft involved were named “Hot T Trot” and “No Sweat”. The original owner of these photos was Chester Burleigh, pictured in some of the photos, who died sometime soon after returning to the U.S. The pictures were passed on to me by Cheryl A. Peters, a daughter born to Chester's wife who had later remarried. Cheryl's mother has since passed on and Cheryl is striving to pull together infomation relating to Chester and the men he served with, whom she has come to admire a great deal.

I have accepted the task of trying to be in touch with the individuals who may find themselves in some of the pictures or will recognize many or all of the the personnel in the various pictures. My intent is to present this collection for review through my contacts with James F. Bard, Jr., Secretary, 91st SRW Association and
selected 91st SRS personnel.

Each picture will be numbered and it is my hope that those who can do so, will be in touch with me so I can fill in the blanks and make the information available to Cheryl, one of your loyal fans. I will post all information garnered on these pages of our web site and will be happy to assist anyone interested in being in touch with Cheryl via snail mail, e-mail or telephone. Please forward your input to me via e-mail at or snail mail to Charles A. Stone, 103 - 12th St. NE, Apt. 303, Little Falls, MN 56345. If you wish to contact Cheryl Peters yourself, her e-mail address is If you have additional photos, short or long stories relating to this aspect of Korean and Cold War history, please put it together and send it along to me. This web site is currently linked to the Cold War Museum web site and will eventually be turned over to them for continuance when I am no longer able to keep up the effort myself.

Chuck Stone, Webmaster

# 01


#03 Chester Burleigh, center








#11 Chester Burleigh




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