Recollections of an RB-29 crew in Japan

Small Community Perspectives

On occasions, when we had a few days off between missions, it was a short walk or bike ride to begin roaming the small communities and countryside around Yokota Air Base. Early in our tour of duty, many of our photo hikes were accomplished in close proximity to the base. With the passing of time, and growing familiarity with the area, our radius of action gradually expanded.

We invariably found the people, within the communities and in the rural areas, hospitable and friendly. Our crew caps and our separate hiking caps each had our nickname printed where it was easily visible. I can recall people we encountered who studied the printing and spoke our names out loud with a smile on their face — “Chucksan,” “Bobisan,” etc. Day or night, I do not ever remember feeling threatened or vulnerable while moving around their communities or through the countryside.

To the web visitors, from Japan, our sincere thanks for your remarkable and consistently warm hospitality.

This selection of small community perspectives is divided into two sections, one in color and the other in black & white. You may choose your direction of travel through the exhibit by making selections offered below.

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