Recollections of an RB-29 crew in Japan

Country Trails

As we became increasingly familiar with the area, we found we could go to the nearby train station and, in a relatively short period of time, arrive at locations back in the nearby mountains where a spiderweb of beckoning trails awaited our exploration.

One of the early lessons I learned about getting around in Japan involved the local train station. While waiting for our train to come, other trains were coming and going. I observed how people crowded tightly to get in through the train entrance doors. On one occasion, when this was especially true, I noted with relief a uniformed railroad staff member rushing to bring the situation under control. Low and behold, he didn’t encourage some of the people to back off — he was a packer who got down in back and pushed the tailenders onto the train. Events, such as these, were always orderly and polite.

Here again, our collection of photographs involves both color and black & white images. As is true for the Small Community Perspectives section, we have divided this exhibit into two separate galleries.

Please come in and walk with us up and down the, sometimes mountainous, trails of rural Japan. You will be amazed at the vistas and faces that one encounters at every turn.

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