Recollections of an RB-29 crew in Japan

Nikko Visit

At mid-winter, our Squadron Commander decided our crew needed a break from our regular routines. We were notified that we had a specific block of time off before we would again be put into the mission rotation schedule.

A number of us chose to take the train up to Nikko. As I recall we made reservations at the US military-sponsored Nikko- Kanko Hotel and set off on our adventure. By train, I would estimate it to be around a hundred miles to our destination. The photos you will see in this section were taken near Lake Chuzenji, Ryuzu Falls, the trout hatchery and the Nikko Shrine area.

All of our photo records for this visit were recorded in color. The images are presented in two sections, Nikko Tour and Nikko Shrine. This collection in no way represents the full scope of the beauty and artistry available in the area. It may be sufficient to whet your appetite to arrange a visit, should the opportunity present itself.

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