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Links To Other Related Web Sites

Link notes:

From time-to-time we come across web sites that have some sort of a relationship with the mission and message of our own. In an effort to encourage crossfeed of information and reference material, we will accumulate appropriate links on this page for your convenience. We will strive to identify the character and content of each link, within reasonable limits.

The Patriot Files
Dedicated to the preservation of military history

Go to http://www.patriotfiles.com

Europe Defense Veterans of America

EVDA: An Honor Association and Action Group. Men and Women U.S. Militay Veterans who were stationed/deployed to NATO North Atlantic-European-Mediterranean Theaters of Operations during the tense times of the Cold War in Europe.

Go to http://www.edva.us/


The Internet Site That Reunites

Search for comrades and colleagues from the Armed Forces;
find your forces friends online now...

Our database holds thousands of military units from Armed Forces around the world, including the Royal Navy, British Army, Royal Air Force, Royal Fleet Auxiliary, Royal Australian Navy, Australian Army, Royal Australian Air Force, Royal New Zealand Navy, New Zealand Army, Royal New Zealand Air Force, Canadian Navy, Army and Air Force, and much more.

reuniting Forces friends around the World...

The Richard I. Bong
World War II Heritage Center

An attractive and informative web site with a window
to links relating to WW II that is absolutely remarkable.
If you are doing WW II research, you would do
well by checking out this web site.

Click here to access


We have received an announcement
of the opening of a new website,


This website is run by veterans who want to ensure
that the experiences and insights of combat veterans
of past conflicts are passed on to current and future
generations of American fighting men. Their
message to web site visitors is:

“Please take a minute to look at the website. We'd be honored if
you would share your experience and knowledge with
those who are following in your footsteps!


Semper Fi, Mike Ettore”

WW II USS Lexington CV-16 Naval Aircraft Carrier Stories

We are developing a relationship to share stories of WW II with a most informative web site dedicated to the memory of those who served in WW II aboard the aircraft carrier Lexington. Webmaster Pat Cannon Vido has created this information packed site as a memorial to her father, Riley Cannon. The URL for the home page is http://usslexington.bizland.com/

Take time to become familiar with this informative web site and watch this space for subsequent announcements for related stories on this subject on our RB-29 web site.

548th Reconnaissance Technical Squadron History Connections. I have recently been in contact with James Landrum and Ray Sestak who both have connections with the 548th mission and Yokota Air Base. Jim has special connections with the B-29 that was shot down on October 7, 1952 and Ray has created and maintains multiple web sites relating to the Korean War/ Cold War period. I will provide you with links to their interests so you can make connections if you choose to do so.

For James Landrum, click on http://home.att.net/~myron.sestak/korea/yokota.html

For Ray Sestak, click on http://home.att.net/~myron.sestak/

Free Books available from the USAF Air University Library: We have news from Dick Newton, through Earl Myers, that the Air University Library has a web site that permits one to order up to ten publications from their library resource listings. You may reach the web site via URL: http://www.maxwell.af.mil/au/aul/aupress/

The Cold War Veterans Association: A new nationwide organization. On November 20, 2001, the Secretary of State of Kansas formally certified the (not-for-profit) articles of incorporation of the Cold War Veterans Association. On January 7, 2002, the US Government formally certified the Cold War Veterans Association as a tax-exempt veterans service organization.

They have an active web site and you may access it by clicking on


The "Silent Warriors" Web Site "C-130 and RC-135s doing classified recon in the 1960s. Their URL is http://www.silent-warriors.com/

Earl McGill Web Site "B-29s in the Korean War":
At the bottom of his home page are listed a variety B-29 related links

The Cold War Museum: http://www.coldwar.org/
In 1996, Francis Gary Powers, Jr. and John C. Welch founded the Cold War Museum to preserve Cold War history and honor Cold War Veterans. Currently, a mobile exhibit of historical artifacts associated with the U-2 Incident of May 1960 is traveling around the world promoting interest in the creation of a permanent Cold War Museum facility.

Strategic Air Command Museum: http://www.sacmuseum.org/

Boeing B-29 Superfortress: http://b-29.org/

Sallyann Wagoner Web Site: A place to meet, greet and exchange information relating to B-29 history, events, people.

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