Bob Hope

Editors Note:

When our Creator brought Bob Hope into the World he had a lot of work for him to do. Is it any wonder that He gave Bob a hundred years to get the job done? Bob's accomplishments have been well accounted for in various local and national media. We have been reminded of his multitude of good works as our Nation mourned his passing. Some of the most memorable and moving tributes to Bob have been created by our cartoonists. They do such a great job of putting human actions and emotions into such a meaningful and understandable form with their drawing pencil or pen in hand.

As happens so often, one of our web-site visitors has passed a collection of Bob Hope Memorial Cartoons on to us. Reviewing this material has brought the life work of Bob Hope into clear focus for me. It has also sharpened my appreciation for the cartoonists who give us such moving perspectives on life through their genius as presented through the various media.

We now offer these cartoons as a memorial to the Bob Hope that servicemen from World War II and on have come to know and love. We also offer this presentation to honor the cartoonists and the news media represented here for their great contributions of such meaningful images.


Chuck Stone, Web Site Editor

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