First Class
in Brunei

Editor's Introduction

When I conjure up images of the South Pacific Islands the first thing that comes to mind are green trees, green brush and green grass. One of the more recent e-mail messages floating around the Internet that turned up in my mail box brings to light yet another color of green in that area — the color of money.

Reviewing the words and images that made up the message content brings to mind concerns that have gnawed away at my thinking and values processes for as long as I can remember. It has to do with the ways that people, who, through a variety of means and methods, gain power and wealth and then choose to devote so much of it to their own ends while the have-nots within their sphere of influence continue to struggle on with so much less in terms of resources and opportunity.

Read on and let's see what thoughts come to mind to close out this brief, but thought provoking, presentation.

As the story line went,

"It's good to be King"!

The message said that an AF Lt. General had written:

“I toured this aircraft as it was being "remodeled" in Waco.  Yes, the sinks are solid gold & one of them is Lalique crystal.   The Sultan bought the aircraft for roughly $100M; had it flown to Waco, brand-new, from the Boeing factory; had the interior completely removed; & had the folks at E-Systems (now Raytheon) install $120M worth of improvements inside & outside.  I've gained entrance to nuclear weapons storage areas much easier than gaining entrance to see this airplane. While there it struck me: maybe the rich really are different than the rest of us!”

Editor's Notes Continued:

If you would like to learn more about the country of Brunei, click here for an initial offering.

The dilemma that comes to my mind from reviewing this information is not new. As far back in the history of the world that I have come to know, this has been an ongoing set of circumstances facing humankind. My beloved country, the good old US of A, with all its blessings, gifts and opportunities, is not immune to this kind of behavior. If you don't believe it, take another look and listen to the daily news. If our way of life, which we call “Democracy in Action”, is to be admired and emulated around the world, there is reason to believe that many of the power brokers that lay their hands on the mechanisms that guide our ship of state, need to review and adjust their priorities and goals for the good of the wider society they draw their sustenance from.

Have a good day!

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