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Curtis Hendel


Authoring this web site, I have found many new friends, including fellow veterans, who have impressed me in a variety of positive ways. One of these is Curtis Hendel, a retired, disabled, veteran who has demonstrated remarkable abilities to translate current events into a very readable, informative, insiteful, non-partisan text that promotes constructive and positive analysis on the part of the reader. Until further notice, I have offered Curtis his own page on this web site that, on occasion, he may share his words with our web site visitors.

Before we move on to the Table of Contents for his series of editorial commentary, I want to share this news with you. As of January 2006, Curtis has published a remarkable book entitled “One Hundred Years of Heros: The Conflicts and Stories of the Twentieth Century”. This major historical work, consisting of 367 pages of well- organized and well-presented history, makes it a perfect book to flesh out my own reference library. I suggest you check it out to see if it may fit your own interests.

If you are interested, click here for quick access:
Then enter the book title in the search system.

If you find reason to communicte directly with Curt, his E-mail address is Curtis Hendel <>

Chuck Stone, Web Site Mgr.

Table of Contents

Curt's Editorial Notes are listed below, with the most current
at the top of the list, (more to come) ordered by the dates of their first release.

Memorial Day - 5/21/06

The Cold War - 4/12/05

A Siberian Experience - 4/5/05

The Politics of War and Peace - 3/20/05

Christmas 2004 - 12/20/04

A Thank You Note For Veteran's Day - 11/11/04

Lessons Learned - 9/8/04

A Day to Remember - 5/26/04

An American Soldier - 4/28/04

Why They Serve - 2/5/04

Of Holiday Cheer - 11/26/03

Their Day - 11/12/03

Terrors Anniversary - 10/29/03

Another Years Past - 9/10/03

Signs of the Times - 7/23/03

A day to Remember - 5/26/03

All We Are Saying, Part 3 - 03/24/03

All We Are Saying, Part 2 - 03/17/03

All We are Saying, Part 1 - 03/12/03

Don't Burn My Flag! - 02/26/03

The Drums Of War - 02/23/03

A Christmas Experience - 12/30/02

A Christmas Overseas - 12/23/02

A Day For Veterans - 11/05/02

The Longest Day - 09/09/02

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