Veterans Poem


Web Site Editor’s Note:

I have received the information below from Sarah Aranhalt
April 30, 2005

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Sarah Aronhalt,
I am from Oregon, and am a wife, mother, grandmother, care giver for Alzheimer and dementia patients, volunteer firefighter, first responder,
and a writer. My first fiction novel, Kahchi By S. J. Aronhalt, was just
released by Publish America. I also write children's stories and poetry.
 I received an invitation to visit your web-site from
a fellow author, Curtis Hendel.
I would like to share with you, and all service persons and vets,
a poem that I wrote.

I am pleased to share the words to this patriotic
poem with our viewers.

By S. J. Aronhalt

Courageous and majestic, the eagle takes flight,
ever watchful for threat, by day and by night.
Sharp eyes and talons will flush out her prey,
she will stop at nothing to keep enemies at bay.
Warning cry's echo, time is at hand,
when her prey is devoured, the eagle will land.
Americans be proud, watch the eagle soar,
protecting her nest from shore to shore.
A symbol of courage for all to see,
with honor and power, the eagle is free.


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