Robert F. Dorr's new Book

“Chopper: A history
of American military
helicopter operations from World War II to the
War on Terror.”

(New York: Berkeley Caliber Books, 2005)

"Chopper" is a beautiful, new hardbound book (100,000 words and 100 photos) that covers U.S. helicopter pilots and crews in combat from the very beginning straight up to today's headlines. The cover price is $ 24.95. Bookstores and are offering "Chopper" at discounted prices.

What's different about this history of rotary wing combat is that the story is told in the first-person, in the words of the men (and one woman) who were there --- from the first, primitive Air Commando R-4 combat rescue in 1944 to a battle between Marine AH-1W Cobras and Iraqi tanks in 2003.

There's a new and different look at the battle of Ia Drang Valley in the words of men who flew UH-1D Hueys, and it covers events This is a story of helicopter pilots and crews in rescues, in covert operations, and in straightforward, point-blank fighting. There are extended segments on Medal of Honor missions. We encounter Marine Corps UH-34D and UH-1E crews. The first-person memoirs in this book cover all military service branches.

About the book's price: The cover price is $ 24.95. The lowest price for the book is available fom Currently, it's $ 16.45.

You can also get a personally inscribed copy by contacting Bob, or (703) 264-8950) --- and sending him a check for $ 29.06 (that's the undiscounted cover price plus priority mail postage plus a few cents). If you're planning to do that, send Bob an e-mail message first.

Robert F. Dorr
3411 Valewood Drive
Oakton VA 22124
(703) 264-8950

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