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This prayer, written on the afternoon of December 24, 2005, by Alan Hayes, a USAF vet, alanhayes@comcast.net, deserves to be a part of this web site in honor of Christmas Seasons to come.
A Christmas Prayer for the American Soldier
In this time of light
And promise
Humanity harbors messages of hope
And with friend and family gathered
Or self-alone
Seek a renewal to that most common bond
To which we have given the name faith
For is it not – that we – through all the
Madness of existence – select this
Unique period to collectively – singularly
Open our souls to seek calm from the
Ravages of life – to seek shelter from the
Insanity of humanity’s act of self-injury
And above all else cling to the
Desire for true peace
And is not peace the absence of
Hurt, sorrow, and that which is known to a thousand
Tongues as fear
May you in this time of light
And promise, have the gift of

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