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Works of art have decorated the weapons of war down through the ages. In my own observations, during WW II and the Korean War, the artistry of military men and women flowered to new heights in the decorations painted on military aircraft. However that practice flourished in wartime, it seemed to fade quickly with a war’s end. During the Korean War, nose art flourished in the 91st SRS; yet, when my crew arrived at Yokota in the Fall of 1953, we saw no evidence of nose art on any of the aircraft in the unit.

If we are memorializing the Korean War and early Cold War eras in this web site, it seems appropriate to include a display of Combat-Ready nose art. Here we offer viewers, with 91st SRS connections, a chance to share any photos they may have of squadron nose art. Color or black and white is OK. We will try and avoid duplication, unless there is a related story involved. If you have a potential contribution, go to the home page and send us an e-mail. If you send original photos, via snail mail, we will scan them and return the originals to you within a weeks time. If you want to send them over the internet, be sure to size them to no more than six to eight inches, convert them to 72 dpi, and mail them in jpeg format.

Earl Myers has given us a leg up on this project by sharing some of his collection. We look forward to your visits, and await any additional contributions down the road.

We will begin this gallery of nose art with “Honey Bucket Honchos”, the RB-29 that faithfully served the Earl Myers crew during their tour of combat missions

RB-29 “Honey Bucket Honchos” was continued in its glory by the crew of Capt. Jack Romney after April 1951 when Earl’s crew returned to the CONUS.

They added, and rightfully so, the ground crew to the picture in the lower left hand corner of the display. “Hose Nose” Tony Gianino, a Chief MSgt, was the best. God Bless them all.

Earl Myers

Our L’lass

Ctsy. Earl Myers

“So Tired”

Seven to Seven

Ctsy. Earl Myers

AH Soooooo

Ctsy. Earl Myers

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