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Recollections of an RB-29 Crew in Japan

Mission Statement &
News Notes Regarding This Web Site

Mission Statement

The mission of this web site is threefold:

1) Sharing, in some detail, the experiences of our own RB-29 crew, assigned to the 91st Strategic Reconnaissance Squadron, Yokota Air Base, Japan from October 1953 through June 1954.

2) Collecting and sharing first-hand stories of other individuals and crews involved in related mission activities using a variety of recon aircraft types. The scope of our interests involves maintenance, operations, staff and crew-related activities and experiences. Our goal is to document stories and biographical information, illustrated where possible, that will provide valuable and intimate records regarding the USAF reconnaissance mission, as it was carried out, within our time frame, for generations to come.

3) Serve as a collecting and publishing resource for other relatively unpublished stories, biographical narratives and seemingly newsworthy related commentary and events that are associated with WW II, the Korean War and early Cold War period and our subsequent National efforts to promote and protect peace and freedom in the wider world.

This site is operated strictly as a public service at developer’s expense.

Chuck Stone, Web Site Developer/Manager]


Within our RB-29 crew structure, photo credits are due, to some degree, to every member of the crew. While preparing for and flying those missions, we often passed cameras from hand to hand to whomever had the best vantage point.

Our special thanks to Charlotte Busch Mitnik, Roland Robitaille, Gordon Berg, Pat Service, and their families, for sharing their related personal experiences in the form of the text and photographic materials presented in sections 7 and 8 of our crew story. Their choice to share their own personal related stories helps to authenticate the foundation for this overall presentation.

Thanks also to Earl E. Myers, William F. (Bill) Welch, Robert F. Dorr, Harold (Hal) Austin, William (Bill) Sutton, Robert (Bob) Stadille, Adrian Swain, Howard S. Myers, Jr., Clarence Becker and Rear Admiral Timothy Beard, Bob Weisburn, Dick Sniker, Francis Gary Powers, Jr., Jack Romney, Jesse Beasley, Dr. Stephen Ellison, Kerrin Coyne, Bill Baumer, Wayland Mayo, John Schumacher, Art Humby, Earl Johnson and Bob Linn for their shared memories and information. Thanks to Airpower Magazine Editor, Joe Mizrahi, for permission to use some of their published materials relating to RB-45C recon operations described by Harold S. Myers. Thanks, also, to all of the additional contributors who have followed those listed above who have added so much to our growing collection of stories we have committed ourselves to preserve.

Site Navigation Notes

This web site is divided into a number of separate parts. The Introduction pages to each part contains information that will assist you to navigate through the subject matter in a coherent manner. The design of this web site relates more to that of an illustrated book than to what one currently finds in a more typical web site. We hope you will find navigation of this site to be a comfortable experience that will draw you back again and again.

Please Note: This website is graphic intensive. Some pages may require a little patience on your part during download. You will find it worth the wait.

A special Note: Remember, this web site remains in an “under construction” status. We are sharing this information, as we go, to encourage input and commentary, and provide information that may be of value to family and friends of those who served in support of WW II, the Korean War, the early Cold War and related activities. Feel free to send in your e-mail lists of input, corrections and advice. While we are striving to assemble the larger picture, we will be happy to work on the finer details as time permits.

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Longevity Forecast for this web site Now Assured

This web site has continued to expand in size and audience considerably beyond our original concept for it. It has evolved to become more than a repository for stories and photos relating to our own RB-29 crew’s experiences during the early Cold War period. It has also become a home for the stories and images of a growing variety of air and ground crews of similar experience. Further, it has become a communications link where men, women and families, with common historical connections, can attempt to locate and communicate with each other.

These issues have caused me to search for a method to insure that these stories and photographs, and the accompanying communications options, remain available on the Internet, with or without my being at the helm. Recent events have offered a solution. Francis Gary Powers, Jr., Founder, The Cold War Museum, has accepted my offer to eventually — when I am unable to continue — incorporate this web site in with their own wider-focused, ever expanding, Cold War Museum concept. This assurance of continuity will influence the manner in which we move forward with this web site. It should also provide additional incentive to many of you out there with common interests and experience to help us document and illustrate your own stories and biographical data.

On March 8, 2001, Gary Powers made a presentation to the Subcommittee on National Parks, Recreation and Public Lands, Washington D. C., that offered recommendations relating to commemoration and interpretation of the Cold War. His presentation is available for your review, in full, on this web site. Please take time to review this information and, if you haven’t done so, take time to become familiar with the Cold War Museum web site and better realize the broad scope of the historical documentation process of which we have become an important part.

The URL address is: http://www.coldwar.org/index.html

Finally, I should say that CDs, which encompass the entire content of this web site will be provided to the USAF Museum at Wright Patterson AFB and the USAF Archive at Maxwell AFB when the time seems appropriate.

Chuck Stone, Web Site Developer and Manager

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