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A Son’s Story


To: Veterans and Friends of the 91st SRS History and Experience

By January 1954 my RB-29 crew had pretty well settled into the routine of flying classified reconnaissance missions out of Yokota Air Base Japan. The experience of our crew, and many crews with similar experiences, are documented in this RB-29 web site. Thinking back to this time period, I do not recall hearing news that a USN P2V-5 Neptune was mysteriously lost in the Korea/Yellow Sea area around 4 January 1954. This does not surprise me, realizing that Cold War classified reconnaissance losses were typically not meant to be headline news material. I believe we were fully aware that there were other US intelligence agencies gathering related data to that of our own mission objectives.

These many years later, we have received a letter from the son of the pilot, Jesse Beasley, of that P2V-5 Neptune. Here is the message:


Subject:: 3 Cape Cod's mission
Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2002 04:29:24 -0600

From: <satchb@mindspring.com>
To: <rb29@coldwar.org>

Dear Chuck,

I'm still in the process of going through your website but I am enjoying it as well as getting much from it. My name is Charles (Satch) Beasley and I am one of those many orphans who had to "get on with there lives" after one of the "unlucky" recon missions failed to return.

Because of the deeds of others my father won't be coming home and may never receive the honor he earned. I invite you to visit my website.


Satch Beasley


I have just finished reviewing Satch Beasley’s web site and find his story of the search for news of his father to be a most remarkable demonstration of the love, loyalty, and enduring pain that lives on within families where there is never a true sense of closure to put memories to rest..

I encourage you to take time to get to know Satch Beasley and share in his journey. You may access his web site by clicking on this URL: http://3capecod.com/

Peace be with you today and every day.

Chuck Stone
Web site Developer and Manager

End of Story

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