91 Strategic Reconnaissance Squadron
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This collection of historical notations, relating to the 91st Reconnaissance Squadron, is going to be an ongoing piece of work. My access to the first formal reference document on this subject was a collection of related data from a 1917 to 1949 study that was prepared by the Historical Division of the Air University Library, Maxwell AFB, AL. The project was moved foreward by “light years” through a recent generous contribution by Fred Ferrer, a serious student of 91st Squadron history for a period of years. Fred has been a remarkable friend and advocate for the 91st Recon Squadron. As you prepare to review this history-related presentation, it is fitting that you take a few moments to become aware of the background that Fred brings to this work. I have included a brief biographical record of Fred Ferrer for your reference in a separate page that you may access by clicking here. There will be an easy return to this Introduction when you have completed that review.

A significant portion of this RB-29 web site is devoted to bits and pieces of the history of the 91st Squadron and, increasingly, the work and experiences of a broader group of people that were co-participants in aerial reconnaissance work for the evolving U.S. Air Force. This presentation follows the 91st Squadron history from 1917 into the 1990’s. While I have tried to be as accurate as possible, there is little doubt that site visitors who have personal experience in some of the time periods represented will discover errors that need correction. Be assured that I will welcome every sincere effort to identify and make corrections. Certain information, especially charted materials that I received via CD, tended to slide together and I had to do some serious sorting out. This is especially true of the earlier recon aircraft number designations.

Whatever, here is the story of the 91st Recon Squadron, over time. We hope you enjoy the presentation and remind you that we are always open to constructive suggestions.

Chuck Stone
Web Site Developer and Manager

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