91 Strategic Reconnaissance Squadron
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Vietnam Era and Beyond

After almost ten
years, new life
was breathed into
the 91st when it
was reactivated
as the 91st Tactical
Squadron (TRS)
and assigned
RF-4 “Phantom”
jet aircraft
stationed at
Bergstrom AFB,

Above: 91st SRS RF-4 reconnaissance aircraft flying over Korea. (1)

Right: 91st SRS RF-4 air refueling.

Although the unit didn’t see active service in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam war, it made numerous deployments all over the world. Proof of its tremendous impact in the realm of tactical reconnaissance is that the 91st was awarded the Air Force Outstanding Unit Award eight times.

With the end of the Cold War and subsequent down-sizing of the Air Force’s flying units, the 91st was deactivated for a second time in 1991 in conjunction with Bergstrom AFB closing. Though its time as a “Tactical” Reconnaissance unit has not been fully researched and explored, a symbol of its accomplishments are most readily evident in the unit being awarded the Air Force Outstanding Unit Award (AFOUA) seven times flying RF-4’s around the world.

91st Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron
receives front cover of the Air Force
Association magazine. Inside article
discussed various units deactivating.


1. RF-4 photographs given to author by SSgt Patrick Sebring of the 22 Intelligence Squadron, Fort Meade, Maryland. SSgt Sebring was assigned to the 91st Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron at Bergstrom AFB, Texas.

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