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Webster’s Dictionary definition of the term “Emblem” includes these words — 1. [Historical] A picture with a motto or verses , allegorically suggesting some moral truth, etc. 2. A visible symbol of a thing, idea, class of people, etc.; object or representation that stands for or suggests something else.

Emblems have served to identify and motivate organizations and causes down through the ages. It is only natural that the 91st Squadron would select symbols and words that appropriately described their mission and intent. It is only natural that emblems tend to evolve over the passage of time, changes of specific focus and the current culture of the times. This is evident as one views the 91st Squadron emblem as it changed over time and in keeping with its evolving missions.

You will find a selection of 91st Squadron emblem images on this page. The information presented is divided into two sections; Part 1: A selection of the emblems, themselves. These individual emblems are not in a particular order, as we do not, as yet, have sufficient information to make sure they are chronologically presented. Possibly, over time with accumulating information, we may be able to order them better. Part 2: Is a brief presentation of how the emblems have been used in a certain set of circumstances. If any of our site visitors have constructive inputs on the subject, they will be most welcome.

Added note from AFHRA/RSA files, Maxwell AFB, Alabama, as of 6/3/02:

“The patch of the 91st TRS was derived from the masthead of the old Life Magazine. It was determined that the basic design, depictiang a knight chasing the devil, was adopted from the British Order of the Garter shield. There was an attempt to change the design of the patch following WW I, and the hot controversy which followed was settled by no one less than the Secretary of War at that time.”

A Sampling of 91st Squadron Emblems
A Sampling of 91st Squadron Emblem Applications

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