31/91st SRS Reunion 2000
Las Vegas, October 17 - 19, 2000

Legend of those in group photo
Second Row from left

Bill Mack
Allen Weddle
Bob Henchy
Roy Kaden
Bob Allen
Keith Hanna
Steve Zvonar
“Jake” Jacobson
Walt Ward
Ed Halpin

Front Row from left

“Nacogdoches” Tarver
Delores Weddle
Bev Henchy
Gerry Kaden
Bettye Hanna
Nancy Allen
Barbara Zvonar
Dee Miller
Paul Miller

Those attendees not in picture:

Tom DeHaven, Jan Krueger, Earl and Winnie Myers,
Donna Picard, Bill Robey
Arcella and Linda Seymour, Bob Stedille, Paul Young


by The Crew Chief, Allen Weddle

Well, it’s all over folks and you who couldn’t come were sorely missed. This year we were privileged to welcome a few people who served in the 91st after the creation of the Strategic Air Command, when flying duty became more standardized and missions became dangerous indeed. The 91st mission was changed from photo mapping of Central and South America to Cold War Reconnaissance of the USSR. The B-17, which we all loved so much, was replaced by more modern equipment such as the B-29, B-36, B-45 and B-50 aircraft.

Bob Allen, who managed the reunion, did a capital job by getting us really luxurious rooms in the beautiful Treasure Island Hotel, right on the stip in downtown Las Vegas, and at a very, very low rate. Compare $80 to $250! He and his delightful wife, Nancy, hosted us day after day in the Hospitality Room which was actually their own bedroom. We owe them both a huge debt of thanks for exhausting efforts on our behalf. We also owe thanks to those who made donations, whether they were able to attend the reunion, or not. Some have been giving to our reunions for years. Thank you Boormans, Dempseys, Harringtons, Nacogdoches, John Rosenbalm, Skinners, Mary Thielen, Tippens and Faro Tranquilli. What a great bunch!

Las Vegas is certainly a far cry from our previous reunion locations. There is so much to do and see, much of it free. Prices for shows and dining are something else though, like high. Too bad Pete Dempsey didn’t come as I didn’t hear of any big casino winners. Some of us took in a Vegas night show, but more time was spent in the Allen’s room, showing pictures and talking about the 91st, as it used to be. On the last night, a professional photographer took a group photo. If you were there and didn’t get a copy, please let me know and I will mail one to you. Our final event was an elegant dinner at the treasure Island Hotel on Thursday night. We were especially pleased to hear from Bill Mack, who is the son of then Captain and Mrs. Lloyd Mack, the 91st Adjutant and his wife at Howard AAB. Both parents are now deceased, but Bill still remembers those days in Panama. He was just a little tyke then, but now he is Commissioner in the City of Scottsdale, Arizona. We were happy he persevered with difficult travel arrangements so as to be with us in honor of his parents at our dinner meeting. Thank you Bill.

All in all, we had a rewarding and nostalgic time. Old friendships were renewed and new friendships were made, even though each served in the 91st at different times. We have so much in common, just having been members of the 91st.

(Note from Chuck Stone, RB-29 Web Site Manager: I will not include the final two paragraphs of the letter, as they include more personal communication materials. The following comments are offered to reflect the spirit-and-intent of their meaning:

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