A Cold War Cover-Up
The James Hand Story


The James Hand Story is a companion story to another presentation on this web site entitled “A Cold War Cover-Up, A Son's Story.” As it suits your schedule, we encourage you to review both of these stories, realizing they are interlinked in terms of the dedicated military personnel involved, as well as being linked through the magic of the Internet. While these two stories have so much in common, they are really the stories of two separate families, brought into common service, tragedy and loss through a family member's early participation in what we have come to identify by the title “The Cold War.”

As a visitor to our public service web site, I encourage you to become thoroughly familiar with The James Hand Story and then take time to also give the same attention to “A Cold War Cover-Up, A Son's Story.” You may click on this title when you are ready and you will also find it listed in the Extended Stories main index.

Now, if you are ready, click here to go directly to The James Hand Story.”

Chuck Stone, Web Site Editor and Mgr.

End of Story

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