The Life and Death of Tiger Lil
by Wayland Mayo

Editor’s Introduction and Table of Contents

The RB-29, affectionately known as “Tiger Lil” has been referred to and/or pictured in a number of presentations that make up this web site. Through the efforts of Wayland Mayo, a valued contributor, we now are able to feature Tiger Lil as a main focus. This story carries one from Tiger Lil’s emergence from the Boeing production line to her final plunge into the sea, north of the island of Hokkaido Japan. It is no wonder that many aircrew men develop a mixed sense of love and respect, and later in life a deep sense of nostalgia, for a particular flying machine. Tiger Lil was one of those that was easy to love.

Table of Contents

Cover Page

Editor’s Introduction & Table of Contents

Chapter 1
A Superfortress Is Born

Chapter 2
My assignment as a crewmember on Tiger Lil

Chapter 3
The Death of Tiger Lil

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