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This space contains some largely unidentified photos of Lt. Zimmer’s crew, flying with the 91st SRS. These photos were provided by Richard A. Robinson. Notations by each photo will identify what limited information we have. Any visitors to these pages, who have familiarity with the people and places involved, are encouraged to pass this information on to e-mail address <>.

Notes indicate this is Sgt. Bill P????? & Cpl. James Marshall, May 52, probably at Yokota Air Base, Japan.

Who is this individual testing start buttons on Butterfly Baby?

The original of this photo was printed backwards, but I was able to flip it to make the numbers read right. This is the Zimmer crew, aircraft, #1929, possibly in April 52.

This crew landed at Puson, Korea, after engine failure. I believe the photo below was taken at Puson.

Another photo of “Butterfly Baby” after the aircraft had the “black paint treatment” designed to make it more difficult for the North Korean searchlight teams to light it up in the dark of night.
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