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Major Ralph T. Parker

USAF Officer and B-47 Aircraft Commander - Extraordinary

Editor's Introduction

One of the truly great gifts that I enjoyed while serving with the USAF Strategic Air Command was having the opportunity to work with and learn from both officers and enlisted personnel who were exceptionally capable, dedicated and loyal to their profession and assigned responsibilities. On occasion, these encounters involved individuals who seemed to be exceptionally qualified to perform their assigned tasks. I can recall fellow pilots that seemed to step into their aircraft and literally wear it like a perfectly fitting glove, causing the airplane and crew to perform to perfection, day after day. One of these individuals, whom I never had the pleasure of meeting face-to-face, was Earl Myers, who has been a major contributor to the contents of this web site. His stories, short, long and biographical, permeate the spirit and intent of what our contributions to the recording, sharing and preserving of relatively untold USAF history is all about. His biographical recollections are recorded, in great detail, in our Biographical Notes section. If you wish to hop over to check this out you may click here, with a quick return with your back button. Chapter 25 of Earl's story refers to his assignment at Torrejon Spain.

It was my pleasure to receive an E-mail from MSGT Hubert C. (Bud) East who shared his recollections of serving with Earl Myers during this Torrejon assignment and he has sent along a related story that describes Earl's predecessor in his assignment at that key Cold War alert air base. Bud's comments provide added depth and substance to the life stories of Earl Myers, Ralph Parker and Bud East as they performed their important Cold War service. You will find Bud's input below which features a brief story of the Operations Officer and RB-47 Aircraft Commander he replaced. Enjoy!

Chuck Stone, Web Site Editor

November 16, 2004

Just finished reading "The Earl E. Myers Story." I personally knew Col. Myers and flew several flights with him at Torrejon AB, in Madrid, Spain when he was a Major. I was the Maintenance Flight Chief for the two RB-47E's 52-764 and 52-806 & B47E's 53-2099 and 53-2103 assigned to Torrejon during my tour of duty from July 1960 Spring of 1963.

I am sadden to learn of his passing, just wish he and I could have had a reunion and reminisce about the days in Spain.

Sincerely, Hubert C. (Bud) East, USAF Retired MSGT

Thanks for your quick response and kind words. I am sending you a copy of an article that was in the Combat Crew Magazine sometime in 1961 about Major Ralph Parker. He was a maintenance man's favorite pilot and it was his position that Major Myers took over upon Major Parker's transfer back to the states. He was another pilot with a lot of flying experience and stories, such as one story told about him that he was one of the best pilots in SAC flying the B-47 when it come to hooking up with a Tanker.

Sincerely, Hubert C. (Bud) East, USAF Retired MSGT

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