Maj. Gen. Earl L. Johnson Story

How I First Met Charles Lindbergh

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As I write these words in Little Falls, Minnesota, the place that Charles A. Lindbergh originally called home, the local community, in cooperation with the Charles A. and Anne Morrow Lindbergh Foundation and the Minnesota Historical Society are putting the final touches on their joint plan to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Lindbergh’s triumphant return to his boyhood home. This is only one of a number of celebrations that have taken place around the Nation and in Paris, France, honoring his remarkable flight from New York to Paris in the “Spirit of St. Louis”. As it was with Earl L. Johnson, Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh were early influences that caused me to strive to become a military pilot.

In my eleven years as manager of the Lindbergh Historic Home and Interpretive Center, from 1979 to 1990, and through growing contacts with military airmen via this RB-29 web site, I have learned that General Johnson and I have something in common with thousands of aging U. S. airmen, of all ranks, of a variety of technical and experiential backgrounds,
who were first inspired to take to the air by reading and hearing about Charles Lindbergh. Therefore, I count General Johnson’s sharing this story of his encounter with Charles A. Lindbergh on the Island of Guam, in 1948, a special and timely gift and a welcome addition to our growing list of real life stories that have been lived by so many since the beginning of WW II.

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Table of Contents

Introduction and Table of Contents

The Story
How I Met Charles Lindbergh

Page 1
How I First Met Charles Lindbergh
Christmas Day, 1948

Page 2
The Magellan Harbor

Page 3
The Magellan Harbor Continued
A Camera Reared Its Ugly Head
Lindbergh The Staff Car Driver

Page 4
Lunch And More Airplanes
Lindbergh Had Deep Thoughts

Biographical Notes re
Earl L. Johnson, Maj. Gen. USAF (Ret)

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