Images, Impressions and Applications
of the RB-29 in the Korean War
An Aerial Photographer’s Point of View
by Wayland Mayo

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A recent and most welcome addition to our growing web site is entitled

Biographical Story re Wayland Mayo A Career in Aerial Photography”.

If you have not had the opportunity to review it, we highly
recommend you work it into your reading schedule.

Now we have an additional offering authored and illustrated by Wayland Mayo. This new contribution is truly frosting on the cake as he describes his experiences and duties as an RB-29 aerial photographer during the Korean War. Although I had a tour as an RB-29 Aircraft Commander, where our crew invested some of our energy in mapping and charting activities — our duties were primarily classified reconnaissance —, I have learned a great deal more about this part of the work from reading Wayland’s recollections and instructive presentations. I know you will enjoy reading this instructive story of Korean War aerial photography and reconnaissance from the aerial photographer’s point of view.

Photo credits go primarily to Wayland Mayo. Where this is
not the case, the specifc credit is documented
in that photo’s descriptive text.

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